„ We Haven’t seen human for a long time ”

1 czerwca, 2023   |   by Łukasz Stokowski

In that painting, we find ourselves in an intriguing world of the future where a family
robots seem to be the only inhabitants of the planet. An artist with a master
with artistry portrayed the AI family, which remains unique and endless for us
a puzzle. Filled with sparks of life and emotion, this seemingly unusual composition
changes our sense of reality.
The scenery of the painting seems to be taken from an apocalyptic future where
human civilization seems to be only a memory showing the world in which
robots become hosts. Significant inscription „We haven’t seen human for a long time” suggests a melancholy reflection on what could have happened,
how technological advances have transformed life on Earth and how those created by
man’s beings ultimately leave him.
In the center of the composition are members of the robot family. Hard grey-
the silver surface of their bodies contrasts with the simple but bold colors in
of artistic construction, industrial design and empathy towards the machine.
All this leads to contemplation about these shades of human nature.
Each of them expresses individual characteristics – Dad-robot is certainly kind and sensitive,
A robot mom hugs her baby affectionately, they are certainly beings
full of confidence and curiosity.
The picture becomes more and more intriguing as we, the viewers, try to understand
how our world has undoubtedly changed by leaving it in the past. cause that
we wonder where this family of robots comes from and if they will be the last who
they look at our past achievements.