Łukasz Stokowski born in 1983 Warsaw

Considers himself an outsider, a trendsetter, a risk-taker and a sensitive abstractionist. His art eschews rigid definitions and stereotypical clichés. Stokowski’s uncompromising painting is a function of his courage and artistic maturity. His every collection is a visual tale of life, transformations and emotions he experiences day after day. His work to date has also been heavily inspired by architecture, Bauhaus and New York Abstract Expressionism. Stokowski consciously blurs the boundary between the worlds of high and applied art. He collaborates with such brands as SMEG , Coca-Cola, Audi, Ghelamco, Infiniti, Siemens and more.

I break rules, because art to me
has no limits and the creative process
is unpredictable. My aim
and the greatest achievement is
infusing people with strength, energy
and positive emotions.
Łukasz Stokowski